Серия:"Ноктюрно в 925"
Вид: Обици
Материал: Сребро 925, патина
Камък: Планински кристал
Размер: 50мм-20мм



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Delivery method:
Costumers receive their order at the most convenient for them ECONT office, no later then 5 working days. Delivery is FREE for domestic orders (Bulgaria). The client has the right to inspect the order before payment. In case a return has to be made, the RETURN FEE is paid by the client.

Payment method:
CASH ON DELIVERY. The amount due for the items purchased is paid by the customer at the courier service office, after inspecting the order.

In case the client wishes the order to be delivered to an address different than an ECONT office, the delivery is at the expense of the client.