“Gioielli in Fermento” Italy,
collection 2015


“Senses” is a bracelet made of galvanized copper. In its shape I tried to recreate the edge of the wine surface where it touches the glass producing a fine pearly string.

I was especially intrigued by the senses that help you perceive the quality of a fine wine with your first visual contact with it, characteristics such as appearance, color, hues, everything that proves it is an exclusive wine.

The coloring process of the galvanized copper is very similar to the process of wine making. The temperature, duration, brightness, depth have to be carefully controlled to prevent oxidation, which would ruin the color and quality. In this case the copper is a good material to create the effect of iridescence.

The bracelet is a reference to the contemplation оf the glass of wine with the spinning round shape of the playful bubbles. Finally we are ready to experience the taste…


Angelina Tsvetkova - Bracelet, Senses, galvanized copper, patina





galvanized copper, patina